This aircraft came to the hangar in desperate need of some attention. It was a barn find, it had not flown in over 4 years. There were many modifications that had been done since the aircraft left Russia that had to be undone. Other work included new control surface fabric, rigging to improve aileron forces, gear actuator overhaul, installation of a Sukhoi iris, fuselage sheet metal repairs, engine oil system mods and more. Through a partnership with Dassault and the Make a Wish foundation the aircraft received a first class all white paint job. The aircraft traveled to several airshows and events raising money for the Make a Wish foundation by accepting donations for handprints. The aircraft has since been shipped to Aero Restauration Service in Dijon, France. Here it swapped the Make a Wish handprints for the original Russian competition paint in addition to a major structural reinforcement to the wing center section.