Following a catostraufic engine failure, John Klatt was forced to eject his MXS canopy in order to make a safe landing at the Quad cites airshow in 2013. As the canopy departed the aircraft it caused damage to the horizontal and vertical tail leading edges. After an R&R on the engine these composite repairs were made to get the aircraft airworthy and back on the airshow circuit.

A bit of hanger rash on the right ailerion of the MXS. It was a several step process to repair. First lay up realease tape over the damaged area. Then lay up two plys of 3k twill weave carbon, peel ply on both sides. Squeege out between plastic, then layup over the damaged area. After it cured, pop it off. Sand off the paint and filler around the damaged area. Next bond on the patch with epoxy mixed with West Systems 404. I used duct tape and a bag of lead shot to provide clamping pressure. All that left is fill and paint.