When I first realized I was going to be involved with this project I could hardly believe my ears. Watching Jimmy Franklin fly his machine at the Sussex Airshow has to one of he coolest things I have ever seen. Over the course of 2013 the aircraft came to life in Buffalo MN. After the ICAS convention in December we moved the aircraft to Arizona for the final steps of the build. Initial flight tests showed some areas where aerodynamic modifications were needed. It was a rewarding process to make these changes (some large, some small) and get results. By spring of 2014 we had a kickass airshow machine. I am proud to have worked with some of the best to make this aircraft a reality; John Klatt Airshows, West Metro Aviation, Sauerman aircraft works, MGL Avionics, Len Fox, Jeff Boerboon and more.

Attaching a Learjet engine to the bottom of a 1930’s biplane is something you normally only do with Legos when you are a 10 year old kid. I got to do the real thing!


Post from John Klatt Airshows Facebook page

Today we recognize Team Klatt Crew Chief, Dell Coller. Dell is a talented aviation professional to say the least – an accomplished pilot, acro pilot, aircraft technician and aircraft builder. In fact, we’re pretty sure he can find a way to build just about anything. When we needed someone to lead the Jet Waco project, that someone was Dell. He has literally lived with this airplane for over a year now, and has overseen its every last detail. The Jet Waco’s tremendous success is in no small part the result of Dell’s passion, determination and skill. Thanks Dell!