photo-6I came across this project in 2007. It was offered at a price I couldn’t turn down, so I purchased the project and put it in storage until the 109 was flying. Over the course of 6 months I took this project from a steel tube fuselage and partially completed wing to a flying aircraft. The goal was to build it as light and cheap as possible. There were some weight sacrifices made in order to stay on budget, but the empty weight came in at an acceptable 820 lbs (many 1D’s are over 1000lbs). From the very first flight I was amazed by how different this was from my first 107 (920lbs). The aircraft did everything better: take off, landing, rolls, snaps, high G cornering; it was all better (and more fun) than the heavier 1D. Lessons learned: Weight is everything. Spend money on weight savings not horsepower. Build light everywhere you can.