Raven Aircraft

Raven Aircraft“Raven makes some great lightweight, high performance products designed specifically for aerobatic machines.”


Raven Aircraft Corporation has been a respected supplier of aftermarket parts for Pitts S1 and S2 aerobatic aircraft since 1991. We offer parts ranging from single fittings to wing assemblies and complete aircraft – our astounding Raven 2XS!!

We offer everything from simple fittings to airframes and complete wing kits which utilize 30% hinge point ailerons as well as a retrofit 30% aileron kit for existing wings. We also offer a number of parts for the experimental S2 including the same performance modifications that make the wing substantially stronger than stock for extreme use.

MGL Avionics

MGL Avionics“The MGL iEFIS Challenger allows us to simultaneously monitor both the R985 Radial and the CJ610 Jet on the Jack Links Jet Waco.  The flexibility allowed us to design our own 100% custom screens, monitor all parameters on both engines and use all the existing sensors.  Additionally, we have found the black box feature to be especially useful; it records all flight and engine parameters to include all the basics, plus such detailed data as bank angle, G loading, GPS position and more.”


MGL Avionics’ mission is to provide top-performing flight instrumentation at all levels at affordable prices, with the express aim of helping to lower the overall cost of aircraft ownership and private flight.



MM-14P inc. brings together a team of talented individuals with more than 80 years of collective experience in aviation, 54 years in radial engines and 25 years in the Russian aircraft business. We are problem solvers, innovators, mechanics, diagnosticians, designers and fabricators The YAKSMITHS. We’re happy when you’re in the air, not on the ground!